What are my BackSplash Options for Kitchen Countertops?

When it comes to kitchen remodeling trends in Denver, local homeowners have a lot of options. Not surprisingly, many of those choices have do with countertops. After all, your counters are among the most important characteristics of your kitchen, and perhaps as important as the counter material itself is the material and style that you choose for your backsplash.

What is a Kitchen Counter Backsplash?

The countertops Denver residents have to choose from often involve a backsplash. The backsplash covers the area between your counters and your cabinets. No matter how careful you are, this area is going to get splashed with grease and other food items. So, backsplashes are designed to be easy to clean, but they’re also an opportunity to add to the decor of the room.

Wall-Attached vs. Counter Backsplash

The traditional backsplash is attached to the wall. It was often metal sheeting that was attached to the wall between the counter and the cabinets. While this is still an option, the kitchen countertops Denver homeowners are choosing tend to be counter-attached. Depending on the material, the counter and backsplash can be one continuous piece or the backsplash can adhere to the counter in some manner.

Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials are a common choice where the kitchen counter and backsplash are one continuous piece. Materials like laminate and Formica are very affordable for such products, and shaping these materials for a backsplash in addition to the counter space is a relatively simple process. These low costs also make synthetic materials an intriguing option if you want a continuous counter-backsplash but also need it custom designed because that is what your kitchen space calls for or because you have design ideas that simply aren’t being catered to by what is prominent on the market.

Granite and Other Stone

Kitchen remodel Denver trends tend to involve a lot of granite and other natural materials. It’s understandable due to how beautiful these materials look and how long they last. Sure, the upfront costs are higher, but a granite counter can last a lifetime. While a continuous counter-backsplash isn’t as feasible with stone, it certainly is possible to cut the backsplash. These pieces can be cut so that they fit together in a practically seamless way.

Other Materials Too

While synthetic materials and granite and other stone are probably the most popular choices, they aren’t the only ones. Traditional steel backsplashes have already been mentioned. Wood is another choice. It can be painted or stained and really add to a rustic aesthetic. Glass is another prevalent option as is ceramic tile, and both of those materials are also suitable for mosaics and the like.