What Counter Surface is Most Durable?

Durability is a crucial consideration when you select a new counter surface for your home. After all, toughness dictates life span and thus total cost of ownership and even resale value. The countertops Denver homeowners have available to them are numerous, and the durability differences can be quite stark.

Quartz is often considered to be the clear winner when it comes to a durability contest among counter surfaces. Of all the countertops Denver residents can choose from, quartz is perhaps the most indestructible. You’ll never have to worry about slices from a chef’s knife, and unless you take a sledgehammer to it, the chances of it cracking are slim. However, this surface isn’t nearly as heat-resistant as granite or, to a lesser extent, a solid surface, and that can pose some problems for kitchen use.

The granite countertops Denver consumers have to choose from are about neck and neck with quartz. It resists chipping and cracking just about as well, and you can place a hot pot on it without having to worry about the surface heating up. The National Association of Realtors has listed granite as a must-have accessory based on a survey of prospective homebuyers, and that preference is reflected locally in the granite countertops Denver homebuyers tend to gravitate toward. These surfaces are also very difficult to stain, which helps ensure that they continue to look great over their long lives.

Solid Surface
Construction companies that specialize in kitchen remodel Denver projects often recommend solid-surface counters, which often go by the brand name Corian. These countertops tend to strike a great balance between price, aesthetics and durability. They’re nonporous, which makes them great for food prep and very stain-resistant, which helps ensure long life. Of course, they’re not quite as indestructible as quartz and granite, but if you do manage to damage the surface, that damage can often be buffed out by a professional to the point of being unnoticeable.

When it comes to kitchen remodel Denver projects, laminate is among the most economical surfaces homeowners have available. That cost is largely due to composition, which involves several layers of paper impregnated with resin. It works well on a budget but isn’t nearly as durable as the surfaces listed above. It will chip and crack under the right circumstances and will most certainly begin to show signs of wear long before the others.