I'm going to remodel my kitchen, can I keep my cabinets and replace only counter tops?

A common question among homeowners when considering a kitchen remodel is whether or not they can keep their existing cabinets and replace only their countertops. The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Many consumers think of remodeling as an all-or-nothing affair, but that isn’t the case at all. You can choose piecemeal what to keep, renovate and replace.

Choosing a Focal Point

The countertops Denver residents have available to them can transform a kitchen with little to no other changes made. Likewise, the kitchen cabinets Denver homeowners currently have can be the focal point of a new kitchen that is modern and beautiful and maximizes the functional use of the available space. A great place to start with a remodel is to determine a focal point or a series of core elements for your kitchen. These are more than aesthetic highlights and set the tone for your theme. Every choice concerning your countertops and other elements can be based on it for a consistent theme throughout.

Minimal Time and Expense

The kitchen remodel Denver homeowners are after doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, your choice to replace the counters but not the cabinets can keep your renovation expenses exquisitely low. Industry estimates suggest that a choice to keep your current cabinets can reduce your expected remodeling costs by as much as 50 percent. Replacing cabinets is often a time-intensive process, so another benefit of putting new countertops on existing cabinets is the amount of time it takes. In most homes, a skilled and experienced crew can tear out the older counters and install the new counters all in a single day. That includes performing a full cleanup and having the customer sign off on the job after a walkthrough.

New Life for Your Existing Cabinets

The countertops Denver customers get to choose from can transform their homes at a great price and in a short amount of time. The kitchen cabinets Denver homeowners choose to keep can keep those costs low, but that doesn’t mean that your cabinets need to remain the same. The kitchen remodel Denver residents choose can also involve painting or refinishing existing cabinets. Another option is to use veneers, which transform the look without changing the underlying structure, and for a little bigger investment, you can actually swap out the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, which provides a lot of the benefits of a total cabinet replacement.