Integrated Corian Sinks and Their Benefits

The usual kitchen remodel Denver homeowners opt for may not be usual at all. There is a lot of innovation taking place in terms of what materials and styles are available and the choices residents are making. Among the countertops Denver locals prefer, the integrated sink as an alternative to the under-mount sink and of course the conventional drop-in sink is one such trend.

What Is an Integrated Sink?

An integrated sink—also called an integrated sink countertop as well as a counter sink, integral sink and so on—is a built-in sink. In other words, the sink basin is built into the very material that forms the countertop. The counter is also cut with the holes for fixtures, drainage and so forth. The countertops Denver residents opt for are quite stunning and there are many fantastic options. The style not only looks beautiful but can provide a lot of counter area even in small spaces and can even allow for features like a drainboard.

What is a Corian Integrated Sink?

A Corian integrated sink is a sink that is built into a Corian countertop. Corian is often used in the kind of kitchen remodel Denver people favor. It is a solid-surface material designed and manufactured by DuPont. Corian is durable, nonporous and available in a broad range of colors and textures. This material is highly stain, heat and sunlight resistant, and the colors will not fade or otherwise change over time.

What Are the Benefits of a Corian Integrated Sink?

Integrated sinks are beautiful and, according to real estate agents, add tangible value to a home. They also maximize the available counter space because there is no lid. The sink is flush with the counter, and you’ll able to sweep debris or moisture directly into the bowl during cleanup.

Since Corian is a synthetic material, it makes the prospects of including an integrated sink in your kitchen makeover much more affordable. You will also have a much easier time tying the sink into your theme because practically any color is available, including custom ones. There are even Corian integrated sinks that look like other materials, such as granite and marble.

Final Thoughts

The integrated sink does away with the concept of a separate sink altogether. The approach is minimalistic but also beautiful, charming and quite versatile. It may just be the perfect finishing touch to go along with those kitchen counters and kitchen cabinets Denver has made trendy as well.