What Type of Edge Designs are Available for New Kitchen Countertops?

When it comes to the new countertops Denver residents get to choose from, there are a lot of options. Not only are these options suitable for granite and other stone, but they can be replicated with synthetic and other materials. In addition, custom edges are available, and selecting the perfect edge comes down not only to your preferences but what makes sense for your kitchen space and the decor overall.

Bullnose, Full and Half

Among the trendiest options for the granite countertops Denver homeowners have available is bullnose. Bullnose, which is both traditional and classic, is available in two styles: full and half. With half, the design is rounded in order to make the edge appear thicker, and with full, the design is more symmetrical so that the edge appears thinner. Both approaches work in either large or small kitchens because it isn’t the kind of visual cue that would make a small kitchen space seem even smaller.

Flat Polish

Flat polish is an edge that has come into and fallen out of style multiple times and is considered contemporary once again. The edge is simple and clean, and while rounded vertically, it’s relatively flat on the horizontal pane. That means that it emphasizes usable space over design complexity.


When it comes to custom kitchen Denver design trends in kitchen countertops, bevels have never really fallen out of style. A bevel edge is subtle and angular, and while perhaps the typical degree is 45, it can be made much smaller than that with widths ranging from 0.25 to 2.5 inches. You can go as low as 20 degrees for a subtler edge and as high as 66 for something more pronounced.

Quarter Round

A quarter round edge is similar to bevel except that there’s more curvature and smoothness. This is a bit sleeker than a traditional bevel and can work well in either traditional or modern kitchen aesthetics.

Double Bevel and Quarter Round

Both bevel and quarter round edges can be doubled, which means that they are symmetrical. In other words, the edge that exists at the top surface is duplicated at the bottom as well. Double quarter round achieves more visual thinness than half bullnose, and the double bevel creates a very modern look that can reflect light from both sides and really create a visual impact.


The Ogee edge has long been a popular look for traditional kitchens and still remains in style. Here, the curvature is much more pronounced and the radius is conclave. The Dupont edge is a popular alternative to this that is similar but with an inverted Ogee edge.