Sil Granite Sinks and Why You Want One!

The composite sink is a popular option as an aspect of the kind of kitchen remodel Denver locals prefer. Along with the various preferences for kitchen countertops and kitchen cabinets Denver homeowners have, a particular kind of composite sink has emerged as a favorite: Silgranit. Join us as we define these terms, look closer at the options and consider the benefits that are driving this trend.

What is a Composite Sink?

A composite sink is an alternative to the traditional stainless-steel sink. The term composite refers to a material that is manufactured by combining various substances. These sinks are also alternatives to other materials; a composite granite sink, for instance, may have the same beauty and offer many of the same advantages of a full granite sink but be less expensive and easier to maintain. The countertops Denver homeowners choose can be composite as well, and the sinks can be integrated.

What Are the Benefits of a Composite Sink?

Composite sinks tend to be more affordable than comparable alternatives. They are also nonporous, which means that they are highly stain-resistant. It also means that they are easy to clean and keep bacteria-free. This is an advantage provided by the composite countertops Denver locals choose as well. These sinks are durable and heat-resistant, and the available colors and patterns—of which there are many—will not fade or otherwise change over time.

What Is a Silgranit sink?

Composite sinks differ from one manufacturer to the next. Each brand has its own makeup and production process. Silgranit—which is often stylized SILGRANIT—is made by BLANCO. It is a type of composite granite sink that comprises 80-percent solid granite. This approach allows for all the benefits of a granite sink but many advantages and options not possible with full granite.

What Are the Benefits of a Silgranit Sink?

As mentioned, a Silgranit sink gives you the benefits of granite with more flexibility when it comes to color and other style options. The sinks are rock hard, can last for decades and come with a lifetime limited warranty. They are heat-resistant up to 536-degrees Fahrenheit. Cleanability is unmatched among composite sinks, and they are resistant to scratches, stains and household acids.


A Silgranit sink may be the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen makeover. There are great reasons—including an amazing style selection—why these sinks are often a focal point of the kind of kitchen remodel Denver residents are opting for. Embrace the trend and see for yourself the difference that these sink options can make in your kitchen.