How long will it take to replace my counter tops?

Many homeowners desire new countertops and other renovated features but are concerned about the downtime that may come with that. It’s your kitchen after all, so what happens if the kitchen countertops Denver homeowners can choose from take days or even weeks to install and finish? The goods news is that they don’t. In fact, you may be surprised at just how fast a skilled and experienced crew can come into your home and transform your kitchen.

All in a Single Day

While settling on the kitchen design Denver homes can benefit from may take you days or even weeks—it’s a big decision after all—it only takes countertops Denver specialists a day or less. After you’ve made your choices concerning material, finish and so forth, you’ll set a date. Same-day service may be available, or you might choose a date in the future that’s convenient to you and your family. The crew will arrive at the agreed-upon time—often early—and with all of the equipment, materials and supplies needed to complete the job the right way the first time around. Then, they’ll get to work!

The Tear Out

The first step in installing the kitchen countertops Denver homeowners choose is to tear out the countertops Denver residents currently have. Specialized tools and a great deal of experience are used to ensure that all of the old materials are extracted without damaging any of the surfaces and structure that will remain. The waste is removed from the home and placed into a dumpster or similar receptacle so that it can easily be taken away from the site for recycling or disposal purposes.

The Installation

The next step is the installation. The area is cleaned. All existing structures and surfaces are prepped. The new materials are installed in a systematic manner, which ensures a fast job but also that no details are overlooked. Putting the new items in can take some time depending on the configuration of the kitchen. There may be plumbing, appliances, backsplashes and so on to account for. Once the components are in place, there’s a finishing process followed by a final cleaning of the area.

The Walkthrough

The kitchen design Denver consumers have available to them should also end with a walkthrough. This is an opportunity for the homeowner to inspect the work performed alongside the project lead. If you have questions, you’ll receive answers. When you’re satisfied with the work performed, you’ll sign off on the job, the crew will leave and you’ll often be able to start using your new counters right away.